13 Jul 2015

The Northern Territory Kart Champions were crowned for 2015 at the Hidden Valley Karting Complex on Sunday.

In the X30 Light class – where a brand new DPE Kart Technology race ready X30 kart was up for grabs – it was local driver Royce Nott who claimed the win.

In his first drive in almost 12 months Nott started from pole position in the final to lead the entire distance and cross the line ahead of Perth driver Darren Burke.  Nott’s consistency saw him take a nine-point win in the standings while fellow local Chris Gatt claimed third place.

Western Australian Simon Gwilliam was the only driver to claim a pair of victories at the event with success in both the KZ3 and X30 classes.  In the KZ3 final it was Burke who was crossed the line for second ahead of Josh Wood while a pair of West Aussies also joined Gwilliam on the podium in X30 Heavy with Paul Newland and Andrew Freeman finishing second and third.

With the Championships being decided across the results of the entire event rather than just the final, other Championships went to Adrian Haak (Cadet 9), Harrison Avery (Cadet 12), Jesse Thomas (Junior National Light), Eloise Avery (Junior National Heavy), Reece Webster (Junior Clubman), Sam Dicker (Junior Max), Matthew Southwood (Restricted 125 Light), Simon Burt (Restricted 125 Heavy) and Nathan Davis (Clubman).

2015 Northern Territory Kart Championship
Darwin, NT
July 11/12, 2015

Cadet 9
1. Adrian Haak
2. Joshua Bryne
3. Tyson Mattiazzo

Cadet 12
1. Harrison Avery
2. Chase Webster
3. Aleeanz Voltz

Junior National Light
1. Jesse Thomas
2. Benjamin Atkinson
3. Keelan Edwards

Junior National Heavy
1. Eloise Avery
2. Reece Maisey
3. Matthew Sealy

Junior Clubman
1. Reece Webster
2. Alex Barboutis
3. Jesse Thomas

Junior Max
1. Sam Dicker
2. Alex Barboutis
3. Matthew Sealy

Restricted 125 Light
1. Matthew Southwood
2. Daniel Challen
3. Clint Cann

Restricted 125 Heavy
1. Simon Burt
2. Graham Westling
3. Shane Kearney

1. Nathan Davis
2. Daniel Stewart
3. Glenn Fisher

X30 Light
1. Royce Nott
2. Darren Burke
3. Chris Gatt

X30 Heavy
1. Simon Gwilliam
2. Paul Newland
3. Andrew Freeman

1. Simon Gwilliam
2. Darren Burke
3. Chris Gatt

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